Cantina Gallura


In Tempio Pausania, at the foot of the Limbara Mountain, the winery has collected the age-old tradition of wine-growers of high Gallura.

From 1956


Wild and fascinating, dotted with granite boulders shaped by the wind, imposing cork blood's trunks, white sands and crystal waters that fade from the deep blue to emerald green, the Gallura found the root of its name from the "gallo" in the Visconti of Pisaì arms , first lords of Judicature. The same cock (gallo) that since 1956 identifies the wines of Cantina Gallura.



Janas, fairies, witches, enchantresses inhabited Sardinia in fierce competition with the nature of Gallura area which offered legendary beauties between land, sky and sea: granite, cork woods, springs, islands, beaches, flora and fauna of great variety and interest.



From the 1956 Cantina Gallura works grapes with competence and appropriate technology, wines aged in barrels and refined in bottled start for the markets of different countries, worthy of such origin: Gallura.


White Wines Docg

Vermentini di Gallura unique flavor and minerality, the genesis of the unique terroir of Gallura. The third Italian DOCG wines still white in chronological order.

White Wines Igt

Wines from grapes harvested at perfect ripeness by Colli Limbara vinified in barrels, further refined in the bottle.

Red Wines Doc

Our Cannonau grapes grown in granitic soils which allow us to obtain a wine with a delicate aroma, dry and savory flavor. 

Red Wines Igt

The poor soil, the light water and the appropriate vinification allow to obtain great reds.

Rosè Igt

Fresh and fragrant wine made from typical grapes  of our area.


The joy of bubbles to drink at all hours with friends.

Sparkling DOC/DOCG

The elegance and finesse in a plastic race horse which is the Vermentino version bubbles.

Overripe grapes wines

The warmth of our sun and its colors soaked in a windy flavor and minerality given by its parent rock, which can be enjoyed in this glass.


First Prize

Vinitaly Presences